Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Did Bullying Become Humor?

     I couldn't wait for the season finale of "Big Bang." Within 30 seconds of starting, I was disappointed, even feeling a bit cheated of great humor. It reminded me of a childhood memory.
     I must admit, I am still a huge fan of Tom and Jerry. Actually, let me clarify that. I am a huge fan of Tom and Jerry cartoons produced by Fred Quimby. I still giggle out loud how these two creatures creatures can play pranks on each other all in the name of fun. Then when the cartoons were released under the production of Chuck Jones, even as a young child, I noticed an immediate difference. The antics became...violent and mean. Somehow, the content had changed. I felt cheated and robbed.
     I have come to realize, there is a fine line between pranks and bullying, and being mean is NEVER funny.
     So, for those of you who didn't see the season finale, the scene opens with most of the cast making fun of Howard's dairy intolerance. You know what? If I wanted to spend the evening watching people being mean to each other, I would have turned on Disney and watched Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

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