Monday, May 16, 2011

Memoirs of an Attic

       Beside the leather World War I helmet and the leather boxing gloves, laid a pair of black shoes, size 2 feet.
       My grandfather had an extraordinary life, the attic proves it true. He nearly died over in Germany; he'd been poisoned with mustard gas. The nurses gave him chocolate to help ease his last days, but miraculously, he survived. Must have been the dark chocolate, filled with rich anti-oxidants.
      I never heard tales of how well his did as a fighter. If there was a title belt, it was kept someplace safe.
      But the stories of the circus, well, the adventures were quite grand. He was the first to ride a bicycle down a steep ramp into a loop-deloop. And if that wasn't dangerous enough, for the finale, he was shot out of a cannon.
      My grandfather had an extraordinary life. The attic proves it true.

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