Thursday, July 5, 2012

Diary of an Author - It's Wrong?!?

Don't you just love to read an article and realize you've done something all wrong? Yea, me too. *remove tongue from cheek*
The good part, at least I know how to fix it.
I'm talking about my website.

My good friend, Lea-Ellen, from Night Owl Editing, posted a link describing 5 common mistakes for websites. After reading it, intense feelings of  "pi$$ed off" filled my little brain because of all the work I foresee in my future.
Immediately I deleted it...but not before making some notes ;) 

Here is what I realized about my own blog:

Mistake #1) I welcome people to my official website.
This is a mistake because you never want to identify it as such. Even worse than website, is referring it to your web page! .....okay but this is beyond me.

Mistake #2 It's not a blog.
Ok, I might have bloggish features. I'll cease this action but keep my link to my blog.

Mistake #3 I need to add Teasers
Let's see...what can I use for teasers? Book excerpts and other stuff. I have some other ideas in mind. I hope you'll check out my blog as it transforms over the next couple of weeks!

Updating and revising may be a hassle, but let's face it: It's a necessary part of growth!
Please check out the link to Infinity Publushing and read the article in it's entirety. 


  1. Excellent post. And I learned something new today--thank you.

  2. I need to read Lea-Ellen's post.... Thanks for blogging about it!