Friday, May 4, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 62

Where did this week go?
Believe it or not, like most of you, I have a life outside of blogging, tweeting, and yes, even writing the second book in my Emily Stokes Series.
Some of the other things I did this week:
1) Took my mother to the graveyard to visit her mother. We planted some bulbs while we were there.
2) Erected a huge bird feeding system.
3) Played ball with my dog.
4) Volunteered at the high school.
5) Invited myself and family to feed baby lambs.
6) Planted a vegetable garden with my youngest daughter.
7) Held the hand of my oldest daughter who recently has no date for the prom.
8) Enjoyed a night out with my girl friends.
9) Gave the cat a bath.
10) Thanked God for all that I have.

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