Friday, March 23, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 43

Learning Disorders (LD)
Did you know that kids can look perfectly normal and still have a learning disability? Did you know that kids can be really smart and still have a learning disability? Did you know that it takes some kids a ton of extra work just to reach "average" levels?
Reading and language disorders run in my family. I want to type the letter i and my other hand hits the letter e. One of my children couldn't recognize the letters of the alphabet consistently, still in the 3rd grade. My other child, in 6th grade, still needs extra help in school.

 Is it all bad? NO!

 Both my children enjoy acting in school plays. One is a whiz at math. The other now scores 90% in the English portion of standardized testing, and I have managed to self-publish a successful YA novel.

I am in the process of developing a program that will recognize students who work so hard at what most people take for granted. I envision a savings bond and a trip to Chuck E. Cheese or another fun place of choice, as a reward for the student's hard work.

The success of this program will be funded through sales of my books, and from the generous donations from private supporters like you. Please stay tuned to my website as more details become available.

To learn more about reading disorders, please check out these two sites. Dyslexia Basics and Learning Disabilities in Children

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