Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 30,31,32

It's been an excellent few days since my last post. Had a successful book signing on Saturday, and "walked into" another one this coming Thursday. I've been a proud parent at a band concert, and spent some time with relatives I haven't seen for months.
Being a mother, a wife, an author, a school volunteer, a caretaker for an elderly parent, a sister, an aunt, a daughter-in-law, and a Sunday school teacher, sometimes my life gets a little nuts! Each title has its own specific duties attached to the label. Some times, I feel over whelmed.  Most of the time, I feel very lucky.

Keeping a cool head is the first rule of success.
Prioritizing is the second.

I'm often asked how I keep it all together. I tell them that sometimes it's impossible, and I redirect them back to prioritizing: God first, family second, work third.

If you stop for a moment to process this, you'll see how this little saying will help. Think about what God teaches. Love. Forgive. Respect. Worship. Honesty. Then apply that to the next category: Family. Then to Work.

It takes practice. Sometimes it means shutting off your phone or other electrical devise. Sometimes it means getting a different job. Or putting others in front of yourself. Sometimes it means taking a bubble bath with the door locked, for a little me time.

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