Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 28

Details! I want details!
Actually, I'd much rather read some interesting dialogue. I had to put a book down last night. After several pages of reading about the character's breakfast, lunch, and internal thoughts of a banquet, I couldn't stand it any more. And since the book is written in first person, present time - I was stuck with her thoughts.

As an author, I strive for variation. I want to produce a reading experience that the reader can hear, taste, agree with, get mad at, and fall in love with, but most of all...can't put down.

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  1. I'm posting a comment on an older post, b/c I really want to thank you for the blog shout-out, and today's post won't let me. Sounds like your book from the other night made the mistake of thinking monologue would substitute for dialogue. That kind of thing drives me crazy. Thanks again for the blog love!