Friday, November 16, 2012

I'd rather have my kids watch Stephen King movies than iCarly.

"Say what?" you say.

Yes, you heard me. And I'll say it again. I'd rather have my kids watching Stephen King movies rather than iCarly, or any other sit-com that Dan Schneider produces, for that matter.

"But King's works tend to be so graphic, scary, and evil," you say.

"Yes they are," I agree. "And everyone knows it. NEVER do I have to say "Oh my gosh kids, this is bad behavior!" 

Yet, while watching Schneider shows, I witness terrible behavior every 30n seconds or so, and NO ONE seems to get this. People insulting each other. People bullying each other. Total disrespect. AND OUR KIDS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE LAUGHING AT THIS???

Want better behaved kids? Block the kids' channels!


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