Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mixing Fact with Fiction - #amwriting

I can sit in my chair and make shit up all day long to fill my pages, but then I'll have a piece of work that resembles the Lord of the Rings, and I am not after a story such as that. I write about non-hobbit teenagers who behave in seriously dysfunctional ways.


I have two characters who come from the opposite ends of the spectrum: female/male; city girl/country boy; alive/dead. As an author, it's my duty to give them a common bond, or interest that will ground their relationship beyond the passing hormonal urge. 


That's where the fiction comes in. Both my characters have a thing for history. To see how I've incorporated fact with fiction, I hope you'll choose to read my book, A Kiss for Emily, by yours truly, J P Galuska. 


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