Monday, July 2, 2012

Diary of An Author - Did It Turn You On?

I read Fifty Shades of Gray this weekend. It wasn't what I had expected. With that, everything else I write could be a SPOILER ALERT so read at your own risk.

In case you weren't aware, I have a background in clinical psychology. I only bring this up because I probably enjoyed the book far more from a psychoanalytical stand point than as an erotic romance. In terms of romance, my panties remained dry throughout the entire book.

I did however, enjoy the dynamics in which Mr. Gray and Miss Steel were created and were portrayed over the course of the book. I felt better about the plot knowing the Mr. Gray was abused as a boy and his obsession with S&M is his way of dealing with it. Without such a concept, I could easily see myself arguing that relatively normal people don't misuse sex like that.

I also enjoyed the writing style. E L James uses a wonderful technique to add Miss Steels inner thoughts - namely self talk, thru alter egos. This style reminds me of YA book I enjoyed, Crazy, by Hans.

As the book concluded, I'm glad that Miss Steel left Mr. Gray, because indeed, he is a "sick f**k". As I look ahead, I fear that the squeals will lead Ana down the path of trying to "save" Christian from himself.
 As  parent and a therapist, I would strongly discourage it ;)

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