Monday, June 25, 2012

Diary of An Author - The purpose of ghost dancing

What do real ghost stores have to do with Sam Easley, the character from the Emily Stokes Series?

Over 100 years ago, at the time of Wounded Knee, the Lakoda Indians started dancing. And while they danced, they chanted. They danced till their feet hurt and then they danced some more.

Many ceremonial dances performed by Native Americans are not joyous celebrations, but act as a greater purpose. Surviving tribal members from Wounded Knee had initiated the Ghost Dance to bring their fallen warriors back from the dead.

Due to a lack of evidence, most people would agree that the dance was not successful...unless you consider this: maybe the ceremony comes in two phases. The first phase summoned the warriors from the dead, keeping them here on Earth as ghosts. The second phase will be the actual uprising at a future point in time.

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