Monday, April 30, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 60

Do you have regrets?
Learning is something we all have in common. It is so wonderful that so many people are willing to share from their experiences with the knowledge that they may or may not gain anything from their kindness. One person in particular is Terri Giuliano Long, author of "In Leah's Wake." Terri was featured on a blog called Do Authors Dream of Electric Book? and has listed 7 regrets about her self-publishing experience.
1. Not hiring a professional editor.
    I can't agree more!!!!
2. Not verifying eBook formatting from hired company.
    Yes! After your book is formatted, you need to re-read the entire book again and check for errors. Also, I have found that downloading errors can happen at random. Grrr.
3. Not soliciting reviews before publication.
    Did you know that you should start your blog one year prior to your first release? I didn't. Then I learned that Twitter is a great place to find people who enjoy receiving ARC (advanced reader copies) and will usually help you promote.
4.Failing to submit to writing contests.
   Well, Terri is a big believer in them so I have to assume she has won at least once. She throws out a few names.
5. Waiting too long to begin marketing.
     People in marketing use movie trailers to build excitement. Our books are no difference. We can tweet and blog about our progress!
6. Terri advises against using more than one distributor.
    I use B&N, Amazon and Smashwords. Personally, that suites me well.
7. Failing to reach out to schools, independent book stores, and libraries.
    I have found it tough, but not impossible to get my book into schools. An inside connection helps!
Please stop over at Do Authors Dream of Electric Books for Terri's complete interview, and more great posts!

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