Friday, April 13, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 53

Lights! Camaera! Light filters?

Today, Donny Rowles, a film producer buddy of mine came over with some of his equipment just to tape me sitting in my chair, doing much of what I'm doing right now...blogging, tweeting, etc. The only rule is that I had to be sitting next to a window.

No, it won't ever be aired. Neither of us would want to be charged for your death of boredom. He's practicing using his new light filters (green, blue, yellow, orange, maybe pruple?) in order to create the same "warmth" or "coolness" in artificial lighting as the natural lighting coming in from outdoors.

Our conversation went something like this:
Donny: One blue and two yellow filters.
Camera: wrrrrrr
Donny: One Yellow filter.
Camera: wrrrrr
Donny: One Orange filter.
Camera: wrrrrr.
Donny: The orange filter makes her complexion too hot.
Me: *looks up from laptop* (Wow, did someone just call me hot?)Did you say something?
Donny: Your face. The color orange makes it look too hot.
Me: *goes back to typing* Oh.

All kidding aside, Donny is an excellent camera man and he's for hire. I'm adding his facebook link here: Donny Rowles.

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