Monday, March 19, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 40

Kansas: home of Emily Stokes
Did you know that the Emily Stokes Series takes place in Kansas? And with it, I've enjoyed peppering the book with all sorts of interesting Kansas facts. For instance, did you know that Kansas had its own famous serial killer referred to as the Bind, Torture, Kill strangler? Well it did.

The BKT killer was from Wichita and kept the city in terror starting in 1974 and remained at large for the next 30 years. He was charged with 10 accounts of murder, and only one victim survived after being shot and left for dead.

To my knowledge, the survivor, Kevin Bright, is still alive and has taken refuge in God.  

As for the murderer, Dennis Radar, is a psychopath, who hid his real demeanor behind acting as a church leader and boy scout president. Kevin has risen above the hatred and hopes that Dennis will have a real religious conversion and find salvation.

Kevin is an inspiration for us all! 

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