Thursday, February 9, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 19

Oh My! So much has been happening, my head is spinning. First of all, the book trailer for A Kiss for Emily is Finished!!!!! A Kiss for Emily - book trailer by the3uglyisisters

Then yesterday, I met with Tom Overlie with KTTC News Center 10 from Rochester, MN for a brief interview to plug my book signing coming up on Feb. 25 at the U-Turn Coffee House also in Rochester.

A few hours prior to the interview, I developed a short-term inability for form coherent words. After I got in there, my stomach started churning. Heat radiated out from my shirt collar...thank God I didn't faint. Like that'd be some exciting news....girl down on the set. Lol.

With any luck, a map might be provided if you click on the location tab below.  

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