Monday, January 23, 2012

Diary of an Author - Day 8

I stayed up late last night to enter the Amazon Breakout Novel contest. It started at 12am CET so that meant 11pm for me. They only accept 5,000 entries so I was afraid that the slots would fill almost immediately by authors like me, hoping to be discovered.

I sat down in front of my computer a counted down the last 5 minutes.
At 11:00:01 pm, all circuits jammed. Apparently, my fears where shared by others.
I waited, and tried entering again. Still jammed.
Waited some more.
Still jammed.
Still jammed.
Thought about giving up.
Tried again.
Thought about giving up again.
Stood up.
Sat back down.
Tried again.

Lesson learned. Don't stop trying!!!!

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