Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Was Once is Now Made New

     My grandpa was born in the 1880's. My dad, in the late 1920's. I grew up hearing words like "icebox" and "washtub." We used to walk to the "market"  and went for a drive the an "auto."
     I'm not convinced that the modern day "Frigidaire" is any better. Spacing and organization continues to be a hassle, and my frozen food never lasts longer than a month before turning into a solid chunk of ice. I still use an auto, but now we call it a car. On average, I travel 70 miles per day, and I'm not a commuter. These miles include the closest grocery store, located 15 miles from my house. Since I'm too far to walk anywhere, I now ride a fake bike in my living room. (But the quest for a slim butt is another story.) Shopping for groceries is no longer a leisurely activity, but something that is to be done as quickly as possible in order to get onto the next chore on the list. I must admit I'm pretty darn happy about the improvements to the washtub, though. I'm glad some guy named Maytag made life a lot easier and clothes wash themselves these days, just so I can sit here on my arse and type like the dickens. At least my fingers are slim.

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